About the project

By diving into a microscopic world, you will be immersed into this new form of life and new form of technology. The Organoid is on the brink of revolutionising the biomedical field, but where can it really take us?

The organoid has been described as: A new window into disease, development, and discovery. By creating these microscopic 3D structures made from tissue of specific organs, we can build a model to utilise in the lab that gives us a close representation of the original organ, including the diseases harbouring inside.

At the DREAM3DLAB, we use tumour organoids to try to understand better how different tumours are made up and what it is in them that is driving the cancer forward. The organoid not only gives a true representation of the different organs and diseases, but they even maintain genetic differences of the individuals from which the tissue originates. This amazing attribute gives us the potential to harness the organoids for personalised treatments and therapies.

Where we can go with the organoid could be limitless. But where it will really take us is hidden in the future.

So, for today we ask what the organoid really is.
Is it an “it”, or is it a “who”? And what does the organoid mean to you?

In this collaboration of scientists from the DREAM3DLAB, philosopher and artist Breukers & Godrie and immersive designers Shosho you are invited to explore The Organoid and its potential, and form your own opinion.

An unexpected alliance to portray cancer

Sneak preview