Principal Investigator grant programme
Visualizing the unexpected

European Research Council (ERC)

Starting grant
Deciphering and targeting the invasive nature of Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma

Dutch Cancer Society (KWF)

High-risk grant
Unraveling the integration of pediatric high grade glioma in the developing brain using state-of-the-art imaging
Clinical trial funding
Anti-GD2-IRDye800CW for fluorescence-guided surgery in neuroblastoma
Consortium grant
Targeting human cancer with the next generation of engineered immune cells: TEGs

St. Baldrick’s foundation

Robert J. Arceci international innovation award 3D imaging innovation: a fresh eye on pediatric cancer


Acces to Distinguished Scientists (ROADS) programme High definition of T-cell therapy response and underlying resistance mechanisms using BEHAV3D for accelerating precision medicine

Animal Free Foundation

Research project Vascularized organoids for predictive human modeling of pediatric Diffuse Midline Glioma

KiKa Foundation

Research grant
Advancing T cell therapies for diffuse midline glioma using a 3D imaging- transcriptomics platform

Dutch Neuroblastoma Foundation (Villa Joep)

Research grant
Optimizing neuroblastoma resection using fluorescent guided surgery

Friesland Campina

Industrial partnership
In vitro system for studying biological and nutritional factors affecting lactation and the function of human milk on intestinal development and physiology

ODAS foundation

Consortium grant
Identify targets to modulate CAR-T cell functionality using advanced 3D co-culture and imaging technologies

Dutch Research Council (NWO)

Gravitation programme consortium grant
Innovative microscopy and guidance of cells in their naïve environment (IMAGINE).
National Roadmap programme
NL-BioImaging (NL-BI)
Veni grant to A. Zomer
The tumor microenvironment of diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma and its role in resistance to radiation therapy