Anne Rios

Principal Investigator

Hannah Johnson

Research Technician / Team Manager

Maria Alieva

Senior Postdoc / Computational Scientist

Florijn Dekkers

Senior Postdoc

Michiel Kleinnijenhuis

Computational Scientist

Ellen Wehrens

Scientific Writer

Rijndert Ariese

Research Technician

Heggert Rebel

Research Technician

Amber Zeeman

Research Technician

Mario Barrera Román

Research Assistant

Ravian van Ineveld

PhD Student

Sam de Blank

Research Assistant / Data Steward

Nils Beßler

PhD Student

Maj-Britt Buchholz

PhD Student

Esmée van Vliet

PhD Student

Bernadette Jeremiasse

MD PhD Student

Amber Wezenaar

PhD Student

Raphaël Collot

PhD Student

Emma Bokobza

PhD Student


  • Sylvia Wenker - PhD Student
  • Lianne Wellens - PhD Student
  • Frank Bos - Senior Postdoc/Manager Imaging center
  • Ariadne Ooms - PhD Student

Honorary members

  • Jörg Schönfelder – Postdoc

Dream3DLAB open positions

Master Student – Biofabrication.

Are you a motivated master student in the field of biofabrication or biomedical engineering? Are you excited about light-based 3D bioprinting? Do you have a passion for technology development? This project might be the right fit for you!

HBO/Bachelor/Master Student – Sustainable science.

Are you creative and do you have a problem-solving attitude? Do you care about sustainability? Are you interested in technologies such as 3D printing? Then you might just be the right person for the project!

We always welcome motivated people!

Interested to join our DreamTeam? Please contact Ellen Wehrens via email:

Green Science