Room 1 – ‘Kanjerketting’

Each bead tells a story

Every year in the Netherlands more than 600 children get diagnosed with cancer. Many of them will survive thanks to effective therapies, however, treatment is often long and stressful. To support children during this intense treatment, the Dutch Society for Children with Cancer (Vereniging Kinderkanker Nederland: developed a special bead necklace, the ‘Kanjerketting’). For each treatment, medical procedure, or special day, the child receives a bead to put on their necklace. There are many different beads that each represent a specific event. Therefore, each necklace is unique and tells the specific story of the patient.

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Would you like to know more about the ‘Kanjerketting’ and how it helps both parents and children cope with intense cancer treatment? Or would you like to support this important initiative? Please check out this website: